Saturday, February 29th will see the gathering of riding groups and motorcycle clubs at Henderson Harley-Davidson to raise funds for a local Las Vegas charity, the “BikerDown Foundation.”  This event is a medical equipment drive to enable BikerDown to provide medical equipment to injured bikers and to help them with their recovery.

February 29th is Leap Day so the event is called “Leapin’ for a Reason.”  30 days ago, 10 local motorcycle clubs and organizations were each given a wheelchair to customize according to their own sense of style.  These groups will bring these “custom wheelchairs” to Henderson Harley-Davidson, and the teams will compete for the best custom wheelchair with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as People’s Choice.  This will be a fun event with a serious theme, as all medical equipment donated and funds raised will be utilized by the motorcycle community to help them with their recovery after a motorcycle accident.

BikerDown Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and its core mission is to support injured riders with their recovery after a motorcycle accident. Sometimes that means finding medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds which can help with mobility when injuries are severe. But the biker spirit behind this charity demands something more than the norm. That’s where the “Leapin’ for a Reason” wheelchair customization contest comes in.

“If you’re in the biker community, you see all kinds of custom motorcycles,” says Cerah “Kitten” Venturo, Executive Director of the Las Vegas chapter of BikerDown. “We immediately knew that these wheelchairs needed some personality. So we recruited bikers from all types of riding groups and clubs to help us add some style to a medical devices that some riders will need for extended periods of time.    We have seen some sneak previews of the wheelchairs and are so pleased how seriously they are taking this competition.   We’re talking auto-body quality paint jobs and really creative modifications.”

“This Saturday’s event is open to everyone who wants to attend. It includes a number of challenges for the clubs and opportunities for fun for everybody who shows up. There are food trucks, games, and raffle prizes including a grand prize which is 2 tickets to a Raiders home game.”

This year’s event is sponsored by Full Throttle Law, a Las Vegas motorcycle injury law firm with attorneys who have served the biker community for years.

Businesses and individuals who wish to donate raffle prizes, medical equipment, or make a cash donation can reach out to Biker Down by calling (888) BIKERDOWN, or visiting their website at

A 10 dollar donation is requested for entry to “Leapin’ for a Reason.” The event runs from 11 am to 2 pm at Henderson Harley-Davidson, located on Warm Springs Road where it crosses the 95.