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Our motorcycle injury lawyers know how to get astounding results for injured riders. While past results are no guarantee of future performance, we promise that we will always do everything we can to defend your rights and stand up for you – even if it means going all the way to trial. Case results may be reduced by expenses and fees. Talk to your attorney about the impact of fees on your case.


Settlement in Motorcycle Wreck
Insurance offer: $0


Judgement in Assault Case
Insurance offer: No Offer


Settlement in Motorcycle Wreck
Insurance offer: $25,000


Settlement in Motorcycle Wreck
Insurance: Gave Up


Settlement in Motorcycle Wreck
Insurance: Blamed the rider.


Settlement in Motorcycle Wreck
Insurance: no offer.

Need A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

Our team is proud to say “we show up.” You need an attorney with experience, who can stand by you and stand up to the people who would try and make this your fault? Look no further than Full Throttle Law.  Our motorcycle injury lawyers have years of experience in the court, on the streets, showing up to events, and even championing the cause of riders’ rights in state and national politics. Full Throttle Law is more than just a motorcycle injury law firm. We’re a community, and we ride together.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Jared Richards Visits Biker Event

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“After seeing what they were like in the courtroom, the other side was begging us to accept a generous settlement.”
– Tina Bruni, Client

“My family is incredibly grateful to this firm. The accident lawyer that we worked with in Las Vegas was about as high quality as I could have hoped for. It was obvious that we were going to win from our first confrontation with the man who ran into me. They really spooked him and his lawyer.
– Justin Schmidt, Client

“I cannot say enough good about this practice. Picking a good lawyer is like a lottery!!! Well if you pick this group, you won. From the moment I called with a question I was treated with the greatest respect… Finally finally a lawyer to trust.”
– Marianne McLeod

“Hands down, forever in my heart. Nobody really understood my situation like Jared and Brian did.
After my accident everything seemed foggy to me. My Hope was slowly fading.If it wasn’t for them idk what today would be like.
Jared I just want to thank you for dealing with me because I know at times it was hard.you never gave up on me. You always just listened and had my back.
But seriously guys he says what he means. I recommend them because they will genuinely be there for you no matter what.”
– Alejandro Rodriguez


Jared Richards
Jared RichardsLitigation Attorney
Jared served for 5 years as Southern NV Confederation of Clubs Attorney and is known for actually showing up at events in person. He has recovered millions for his motorcycle riding clients.
Dustin Birch
Dustin BirchLitigation Attorney
With a strong background in personal injury litigation, Dustin is the bulldog of Full Throttle Law. When you’ve been hurt and the other side is fighting, you need Dustin.


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