Of course Full Throttle Law exists to serve our clients in the areas of personal injury law, criminal defense, and especially motorcycle injuries. We’ve recovered many millions of dollars for riders in our community. But what do we do with our own resources?

Sure, we could do the normal lawyer thing and put the attorney’s face on a giant billboard. Some lawyers really like seeing themselves bigger-than-life. But that’s not how we operate.

Every day we are participating or planning or preparing for a motorcycle safety event.

In the past year, Full Throttle Law has sponsored, organized, or donated to over 20 rider safety related events or causes. Another 17 the year before that. Our attorneys serve on the boards of safety-focused organizations, and they show up in person to support even small-time events. Sure, we could get some billboards with that time and money, but billboards don’t get riders home safe.

And that’s what we’re all about. We invite you to compare what we do and how we spend our time with other law firms out there. Some lawyers will ride motorcycles, or even organize group rides like we do. But we’ll also be holding safety courses, first aid classes, riding seminars, and discouraging racing and stunting. We fight motorcycle profiling and advocate for laws and regulations that keep riders safer.

We’ve seen how motorcycle crashes can destroy not just the lives of the injured rider, but the lives of everybody around them. We hope we can someday get to a point where no rider dies on our streets.

We know that asking for your trust means showing we actually care. So here’s our report for some of the things we’ve done recently. From toy drives to garage days, it’s been a wild ride but it’s all been for good causes in the motorcycle community.

Here are just some of the events we’ve organized or supported financially:

  • Bikers for Christ Toy Drive
  • People’s Autism Foundation Toy Drive
  • Bling Devas’ Peanut Butter Drive
  • Accident Scene Management classes
  • Leapin’ For a Reason medical equipment drive
  • Ladies garage day training
  • Mongols’ Turkey Drive
  • 2 wheels 4 meals event for first responders
  • Look twice, save a life event
  • 9/11 flag ride
  • Donations for Oregon fire victims
  • People’s Autism Foundation turkey drive
  • Vanessa Guillen memorial ride
  • Numerous candlelight vigils and memorial rides
  • Ladies track day
  • Low speed riding seminars
  • Cold weather riding seminars
  • Hot weather riding seminars
  • Cornering Seminar
  • Braking Seminar
  • Awareness Seminar
  • Motorcycle awareness ride
  • Ladies’ skill drill
  • School supply drive Car Show
  • CPR courses
  • Rock The Troops

Here are some of the organizations we’ve supported through donations, fundraisers, or sponsorships:

  • First step Nevada
  • Project 150
  • Casually Dreaming
  • American Legion Post 149
  • Child Haven
  • Lone Woof Rescue
  • People’s Autism Foundation
  • Nation of Patriots
  • Biker Down
  • Knuckleheads charity
  • Local little league teams
  • Michaels Angel Paws
  • International Female Ride Day
  • American Legion Post 8
  • Soldiers for Jesus Ministry
  • Youth Leadership Authority
  • Riders out of Darkness
  • Sons of God homeless outreach
  • Veterans Village
  • UMC Children’s Hospital
  • Leaders in Training
  • Boulder City Veterans Home
  • Las Vegas Emergency Incidents
  • Las Vegas Fire Departments
  • American Legion
  • La Gran Familia

And many more.

We are proud to support the community. When we say “we ride together” this is what we mean. We hope you will continue to travel with us on this journey and join with us in supporting the motorcycle community. One way you can help is by following us on social media and spreading the word about events, causes, and about Full Throttle Law in general.