Request Sponsorship From Full Throttle Law

We love to sponsor events, charities, clubs, and even businesses. If you’re looking for an assist, let’s discuss how a sponsorship might be beneficial to your cause and to our goals. Here’s what you need to know:

For Events

We’d love to be involved with your event.  If it’s just for fun and you have room for our table, we’d love to get some space. If you’re setting up an event to raise money for a charity, we want to be involved! Need some ideas of how we can help make your event better?

Attorney Jared Richards delivers a check made out to a charity to the Infidel Riders at their Halloween fund raiser event.

Here are some of the things we have done for events:

  • Share your event with our followers on social media
  • Add your event to our event calendar
  • Create and/or print flyers for your event
  • Add your event to our email blasts
  • Donate money or goods directly to a registered charity on your behalf
  • Buy booth space and exhibit.
  • Use our offices as stops on a poker run.

Things we typically don’t do for events:

  • Donate cash directly to the club, group, or event.
  • Donate cash for events without a charity component.

Our budget is not unlimited, so think carefully about how we can best support your event. For charity events we typically donate under $500 or the equivalent in goods and services.

For Motorcycle Clubs/Riding Clubs/Motorcycle Associations/Groups

While we don’t sponsor private motorcycle organizations, we want your group to be successful, happy and safe.

Drifters party

Full Throttle Law at Drifters MC annual party with Biker Down.

Here’s some of the ways we might be able to help your group:

  • Shade pop-up branded with your group’s logo & slogan.
  • Branded banners for your event.
  • Shirts or other clothing branded with your event.
  • Sponsorship of events.
  • Swag such as pens, mugs, and other gifts.
  • Training for roadside emergencies.
  • Insurance analysis.
  • Traffic ticket representation.

Get creative! We’d love to know unique ways that we might be able to help you out.

For Businesses & Vendors

We want to help reduce your overhead and improve our reach. Let’s work together to achieve our goals.

Here are some ways we might be able to help your business:

  • Co-sponsor motor sports events.
  • Provide necessary supplies (bags, cups, notepads, etc.) at no charge.
  • Promote your business on youtube, facebook, instagram, etc.
  • Purchase booth space at your events.
  • Provide shade pop-ups with your logo and slogan.

Watch a video about how we helped one local business:

How to apply

Please fill out the form below to request sponsorship. We’ll call you back and we can discuss your options.