Not a gym kind of person?  Guess what!  Riding a motorcycle is considered a form of exercise.  It is a lifestyle and a passion, and it also has numerous health benefits you may not even think about that you’ve been gaining.  Let’s discuss these benefits.

Riding Helps Your Brain

Riding a motorcycle improves your cognitive function, by as much as 50%. This is down to the fact that riding a motorcycle requires a high level of alertness and rapid problem-solving. According to Kawashima, “the driver’s brain gets activated by riding motorbikes.”

Riding Reduces Stress

In a recent neurobiological study funded by Harley-Davidson, a team of UCLA researchers found that riding a motorcycle decreased hormonal biomarkers of stress by an impressive 28%.  Riding also increased alertness, similar to the effect of drinking a cup of coffee.

Riding Burns Calories

It is low-impact but you can burn 300-600 calories an hour.  Hey!  That’s a burgers worth.  Riding a motorcycle is just like riding a bike in the way you steer and move the vehicle at slow speeds.

To add some context, most people burn around 50-70 calories per hour when resting, moderate cycling burns around 500 calories and jogging is around 650 per hour. So, riding a motorcycle burns almost as many calories as cycling and you don’t have to wear lycra or peddle.

Other Riding benefits

Motorcycle riders often have fewer knee problems, since their hobby strengthens the muscles you need to hold your knee bones in place.  This makes the activity great for your core and abdominal strength.

Apparently, riding a motorcycle is as good for you as seeing a chiropractor. This is because, if you wear the gear properly, your neck muscles will become stronger.  This means your neck vertebrae will often be perfectly aligned.

Maintaining the correct posture while riding also helps to keep your body in shape and can improve muscle tone because it’s a low-impact exercise.

It increases your insulin sensitivity too. This helps your metabolism, which will help you burn calories and store less fat.

We hear about the mental benefits of walking, running and riding a bicycle. Motorcycling has the same benefits, releasing endorphins and improving the rider’s mood.

Also, spending time in the fresh air with the sun beaming down boosts your Vitamin D exposure.  Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. You won’t get enough vitamin D through food or supplements alone, so spending time outdoors is really important.

But let’s not forget that motorcycling doesn’t take the place of regular exercise. … unless you happen to drop your bike a lot. The moderate heart rate of everyday road riding won’t increase your cardiovascular fitness.  You won’t improve your mobility through motorcycling.

Riding increases energy levels and your mental outlook. This does wonders with regards to helping you increase your happiness and mental health, which in turn, increases your life span. Who doesn’t want to enjoy living a little longer so you can keep riding?

Is this true??

Let’s be real, this is all a bunch of facts found from searching on the internet and reading the studies we found. We don’t know if it’s all real or not, but here’s what we do know: 1. talk to your doctor about any health concerns you have and…

Riding is fun. It’s an experience. Who knows how many health benefits you’re enjoying without even trying. You can’t complain about that. Now go out and ride!